President’s address

Dear friends and colleagues!

The Industrial Internet Association was founded to respond to the technological challenge facing our country and society, business and industrial companies – the challenge of the digital revolution. It is obvious that in the near future the technological landscape of many industries will experience significant revolutionary changes due to the new technological package introduced by the Internet of things or the industrial Internet. New cyber-physical systems will be created to integrate currently separated offline production processes and digital control systems, thus increasing dramatically labor productivity and efficiency of most of the existing business processes.

To be in the forefront of the forthcoming changes we must understand them, implement pilot projects and cooperate with industry leaders. Our Association is aimed to help in installing new solutions, finding the place on the market and conducting the dialog with the government. Standardization and common protocols, successful practices of deployment of digital solutions, industry-related analytics and international cooperation are at the top of the agenda.

We invite you to support our efforts in this fast growing sector and join the National Association of Industrial Internet Market Participants!

With hope for our future cooperation,
Yours faithfully,
Vitaliy Nedelskiy.